When To Know That Your Garage Door Needs Replacement

Warning Signs That You Need Garage Door Replacement Service


The garage door is indeed an essential part of any garage. A well-installed door can provide security and privacy for the items inside your garage. The door can also make the property energy-efficient with proper insulation. Yet even the strongest garage doors can wear down throughout the years. Thus, you should avail of our garage door replacement service when you notice the following warning signs:


Unusual Noises

A functional garage door should open smoothly without much sound. But if you hear screeching or other unusual noises when opening the door, it may need replacement. Usually, the source of the sound is from a faulty hinge, spring, or chain. Though there are situations where the noise can happen due to door or garage structural damage.


Slow Opening

When the garage door opens in a slow manner, you should check the door opener immediately. There is a good chance that the opener gears or mechanical parts have worn down. If so, you should replace them right away to prevent further opener issues. It is also ideal to fully replace the opener, especially if it has too much rust or corrosion.


Door Damage

If your garage door gets damaged, you should first determine the extent of the damage. Superficial scratches and cracks are repairable if they do not affect door structural integrity. Of course, you should replace the entire door if it suffers major damage such as holes, warping, and more.


Old Age

It is often advisable to replace old garage doors when they have reached their expected lifespan. This is because old doors can be more susceptible to damage as they wear down over time. Even if it is possible to restore garage door appearance, its durability may not be the same as it was in the past.

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