Looking for Garage Door Installation Services in St. George, UT? You’re in the Right Place

Do you need help with fixing your garage door? Are you planning to replace your old, worn-out garage door with a new one? No matter what your garage door needs are, Advanced Garage Door Works St. George can assist you! Based in St. George, UT, we specialize in garage door installation and can assist you with choosing the right garage door and installing it in your home. Here are some of our solutions:

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

We source our garage doors from trusted manufacturers, so you have the assurance that your new garage door will have excellent quality and can last for a long time. We can help you choose a door that suits your home’s architecture and fits your budget.

Garage Door Repair

Even the most expensive garage door can develop issues over time, but there’s no need to worry since we’re here to provide professional repair services. If your garage door is sagging on one side, or if it refuses to completely close or open, contact us and our technicians will be there to provide the correct solutions.

Springs Repair

Damaged springs are some of the most common causes behind garage door problems. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Remember: old or worn-out springs can easily snap, causing your garage door to drop like a stone and hit whatever (or whoever) is standing beneath it. To prevent accidents, you’ll want to hire experts like us to fix damaged springs ASAP.

Garage Door Maintenance

Well-maintained garage doors last for a longer time and have fewer issues. By hiring us to service your garage door, you’ll spend less on repair costs and you won’t need to replace your garage door every now and then.


Garage door openers can become damaged through old age, wear and tear, and many other factors. You don’t need to worry, though, since we’re here to fix your garage door opener and replace it with a new one if it’s beyond repair.

Advanced Garage Door Works St. George is the right company to call if you need garage door services in St. George, UT and . Contact us today at (435) 216-0912 to book an appointment with us!

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