How Much Does It Cost to Repair Garage Doors?

Garage Door Repair Costs for 2019

Garage Door Problems & Their Costs
Below are a few issues which can arise with garage door repair, depending on the garage door you have:

1. Broken glass in the door, because glass is relatively inexpensive, the bulk of the cost of the repair will be the labor it takes to replace it. It takes around an hour of labor for a garage door professional and costs around $75, with the additional cost of $25 to $50 for the replacement glass.
2. Dents and dings, most of these can be repaired easily by you. However, when the dents are large enough to warrant a professional, you can expect to pay for about an hour of labor which costs around $75.
3. Circuit board replacement, pay to pay about $100 for replacing these and the reprogramming of remotes.
4. Roller replacement, damaged or broken rollers are repaired for about $10 to $15 each.
5. Hinge replacement can be replaced for about $10 each.

How Does the Style Affect Repair Costs?
The goal when choosing a garage door is to match the architecture of the house. There are several different styles of garage doors available today. Below are just 2 of the more popular ones along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Also called a raised panel door, this is the most common. And is made from several horizontal panels that are hinged together, they come with wheels and are mounted in a track. The biggest benefits with these doors are they take up very little space and are easily controlled with a standard door opener for a nominal cost. Their moving parts are easily accessible which does keep repair costs low. The average cost for these repairs is $128.

These doors look very much like the doors found on old carriage houses. Because of their rustic look, they are favored more in the West and Southwest region of the United States. These doors swing open and hang from jambs on hinges. With their look, they create an area of visual interest on a home and are energy efficient. However, the downside is they do need a lot of clearance in order to work properly. The average cost for garage door repair is around $133.

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