Aspects to Consider When Tears in Your Sheet Metal Garage Doors Happen

Should You Ask the Professional Garage Door Contractor to Repair or Replace the Feature?

Having a sheet metal garage door can be beneficial for your home. It can help you in adding safety through detriment and barrier protection as well as appeal through appearance. However, there are times when tears appear in the sheet metal. When such times occur you should consider whether to ask a professional garage door contractor to repair or replace the feature. There are several aspects to consider when tears in your sheet metal garage doors happen.

How much is the damage which the tear has caused?

One of the aspects you need to think about and notify is the amount of damage which the tear has caused or which preceded it. In most cases, such defects in the sheet metal are forewarned or accompanied by distortion in the form of dents, bulges or other problems. Such problems often happen as a result of the material losing its form and becoming weak. To determine which opting should you choose based on this aspect you should note a few details. Note how much is the extent of the distortion by inspecting the door. If their issues are located only in a small area, you should opt for repairing the feature. However, if the damage is too extensive such as spreading across two or three areas or panels, opt for replacement.

Are the edges too large and is weather infiltrating through the tear?

Apart from the extent of the damage, another aspect you should check is the size of the edges and if the weather is infiltrating. Tears in the sheet metal of your feature can lead to serious issues which can harm your home such as permitting snow, rain or wind to enter. This leads to increased utility bills caused by too much cooling as well as the promotion of mold. To determine if you need to repair or replace the feature based on the edges and risk of infiltration, inspect the area. Note if the edges exceed 0,39 inches. If they have a length or width greater than this number you should opt for replacement as a suitable alternative. Also, check for a gap by placing your hand where the tear is. If a draft can be felt or the surface appears to be wet, consider getting a new garage door.

Several are the aspects to consider when tears in your sheet metal garage doors happen. There are several details you need to consider in situations such as this. If you would like to learn about them, contact a professional garage door contractor such as Advanced Garage Door Works St. George in St. George, UT.

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